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T-shirts for girls, women and men. Sexy tops and hot clubwear made to order.

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We make you look twice

SXECO (pronounced sek see co) designs a unique line of game wear clothing and other trademark series that are designed to make people look twice. The idea is to get noticed and make fun out of life by making a game out of letters , words and imagination.

Some of our Trademark lines of clothing are Ded Rong™, Jumble Wear™, Big Coconuts™, Big Coconut Sports™, B Nottie™, Ms.™ Series, LSD™ Life Size Doll™, DANGER Series™, Guaranteed Series™ to name a few.

Ded Rong™ is like Hangman and "Wheel Of Fortune" we start the phrase and you fill in the blanks, but be careful never to assume or you'll be Ded Rong. Let others assume the worst while you know that there are no foul words in any Ded Rong expression only Rong Assumptions. Example phrase: _ _CK _FF! Notice there is no F in the first word so it can't be what most people will assume. This phrase would obviously be BACK OFF. (What Did You Assume?)

Have fun with the rest of our prints and get ready to make people look twice.

Exclusive designs

All the designs on our webiste are exclusive and only we can make them for you. These designs were created by SxeCo and are copyright © exclusive to us.

For questions or sales opportunities please contact us.

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